The Build Your Products (BYP) is an extension, designed to integrate with Acumatica ERP, allowing users to customize and create unique products within the Acumatica environment. This extension facilitates the selection of components, configurations, and specifications to assemble products according to consumer requirements.

When a user creates a customized product using BYP, the system assigns a serialized number to it. This serialized number serves as a unique identifier for the product within the Acumatica ERP system. It helps in efficient tracking and management processes, as each product can be easily traced and monitored throughout its lifecycle.

By leveraging BYP, businesses can offer highly personalized and tailor-made products to their customers. Whether it’s configuring a computer system with specific hardware components or customizing a car with preferred features, BYP empowers users to create unique products that align with their customers’ requirements.

BYP process

BYP process flow