Braintree Payments via the Cash Sales Screen

Braintree Payments via the Cash Sales Screen

Processing Braintree payments via the Cash Sales screen provides the ability to apply a payment method from the Cash Sales screen.


  • This allows you to add, modify, or remove a Sales Order without having to exit the Cash Sales screen.
  • To Process Cash Sales with Braintree, the customer must already have a card with the Braintree payment method on their account. If no card exists, the Cash Sale will not be able to proceed.
  • Ensure you have a card added to your account from a previous transaction, or add a new card via the Customer Payment Methods Screen.


  1. Go to the Receivables workspace.

  2. Click Cash Sales.

  3. Click the (+) sign.

  4. Select a Customer.

  5. Select the Payment Method.

    1. Select the Braintree Payment Method associated with the customer.

  6. Select the Card/Account.

  7. Select the Cash Account.

  8. Go to the Document Details tab.

    1. Add at least one item.

    2. Add the Quantity.

    3. Add the Unit Price.

  9. Click Save.

  10. Click the Actions button and click Authorize.

    Click Authorize, then Capture

The transaction will be Authorized with Braintree as the payment method and associated processing center are with Braintree.

  1. Click the Credit Card Processing Info tab to view the payment process details.
  2. When ready to Capture, click the Actions button and click Capture.
  3. The transaction will be captured, and the details can be found in the Credit Card Processing Tab.

    Details can be found in the Credit Card Processing Tab.
  4. If a payment needs to be voided, click the Actions button and click Void Payment.

    1. The Payment will be voided.