Braintree Payments on the Sales Order Screen

Braintree Payments on the Sales Order Screen

Processing Braintree payments via the Sales Order screen allows users to Request Braintree Payments.

Note: This provides you with the ability to select a tokenized payment processing option.

  1. Navigate to the Sales Order Screen.

  2. Click the Plus icon to create a new Sales Order

  3. Select a Customer.

  4. Add stock items in the Document Details tab.

  5. Click Save.

    1. The Sales Order MUST have a Sales Order ID before a Payment can be created.

  6. Click the Payments tab.

  7. Click Create Payment.

  • A dialogue box will appear to add the Payment Details.
Create payment

8. Select the Payment Method as BRAINTREE (or the name of the Payment Method ID that was created during configuration.)

  1. If a Braintree payment method(s) exists for the customer already, they will populate in the Card/Account field and can be selected. Then, click Authorize or Capture to continue with the transaction.

  2. For New Cards, toggle on the New Card box.
  3. Select the Cash Account for the transaction.
  4. The default cash account selected in the configuration will appear but can be changed if multiple cash accounts were added to the payment method in the configuration.
  5. Select the Processing Center ID.
  6. This will default to the Processing Center that was created during configuration.
  7. Click Authorize.
  8. A secure, hosted form will appear to enter the Credit Card details for the customer.
  9. CC Number
  10. Expiration Date
  11. CVV

    Add payment
  12. Enter the CC Details for the Customer.
  13. Click Submit.
  14. A new payment will now appear in the Payments tab of the Sales Order with Processing Status as Pre-Authorized.
  15. This will also now be reflected in Braintree as an authorized transaction.
  16. When ready to Capture payment, select the payment in the table on the Payments tab.
  17. Click Capture.

      Click Capture

    The successful capture of the transaction will render a Processing Status of Captured.

  18. This will now be reflected in Braintree as Submitted for Settlement.


    If the payment must be voided, select the payment in the table on the Payments tab.

  • Click Void Card Payment.
  • The payment will be voided and the unpaid balance will be updated.
  • This will now be reflected in Braintree as a cancelled transaction.



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