Configuring the Braintree Integration Processing Center

Configuring the Braintree Integration Processing Center

Adding your Braintree merchant site credentials provides your Acumatica instance with the ability to communicate with Braintree to access and share payment transaction processes that occur on an eCommerce site.

Note: Once the connection has been established between Acumatica and your Braintree merchant account, online payments can be authorized, captured, voided, and refunded while keeping inventory managed in real-time.

Add Braintree as a Processing Center

  1. Click the (+) sign.

  2. Enter a name for the processing center in the Proc. Center ID field.

  3. Enter a description for the processing center in the Name field.

  4. Click the Active checkbox.

  5. Select a Payment Plug-In (Type) field.

    1. Choose KBraintree.KBTokenizedProcessing for the Braintree Payment Gateway (Tokenized).

  6. Go to the Settings tab.

    1. Enter the Commodity Code from the Braintree merchant site (optional).

      1. This will be essential if using Level 3 Processing.

    2. Paste the Environment information from the Braintree merchant site into the ENVT field.

    3. Toggle on the Level 3 Processing field (optional).

      1. The Level 3 processing capability allows for line-item data to be shown within transactions in Braintree.

    4. Paste the Merchant ID information from the Braintree merchant site into the MERCHANTID field.

      1. If multiple merchant accounts exist on the Braintree site, enter the MerchantID for the applicable account that will be used for transactions in Acumatica. If only one merchant account exists in Braintree, no action is required in this field.

    5. Paste the Private Key information from the Braintree merchant site into the PRIVATE KEY field.

    6. Paste the Public Key information from the Braintree merchant site into the PUBLICKEY field.

  7. If expiration dates are specific for card types, toggle on Set Expiration Dates.

    1. This will cause the Authorization Settings tab to appear. Clicking this tab will allow a user to set a specific number of days for each card type. Click the (+) icon and add all applicable expiration dates for each card type. If not enabled, the default expiration date for authorizations created by Braintree will be used.

  8. Toggle on/off Allow Saving Payment Profiles.

    1. When toggled on, the token will be saved to the customer account.

  9. Toggle on/off Synchronize Deletion.

    1. When toggled on, payment profile records and transactions deleted in Acumatica will synchronize with Braintree.

  10. Toggle on/off Accept Payments from New Cards.

    1. When toggled on, new cards can be entered in Acumatica via a secure, hosted form.

  11. Toggle on/off Allow Unlinked Refunds.

    1. When toggled on, refunds initiated in Acumatica that are not associated with a Braintree transaction can be processed during the refund process.

  12. Select the Order Types for Braintree Transactions.

  13. Click Save.

  14. Click the Test Credentials button.

  15. Repeat these steps to create a processing center for each payment plugin type listed (i.e. tokenized or non-tokenized).

  16. An Authentication Successful pop-up message should appear. If not, verify the credentials on the Braintree merchant site.

Setting up Braintree as a Processing Center in Acumatica