Adding Payment Methods to the Braintree Processing Center

Adding Payment Methods to the Braintree Processing Center

Assigning a payment method to a processing center allows the payment processor to post, send, and display transaction data back to the Braintree merchant site.

Payment methods can be anything from wire transfers, ACH transfers, credit card charges, or Braintree account payments.  For this configuration, the focus will be on credit card payments.

Adding a Payment Method

  1. Navigate to the Banking workspace and click Payment Methods.

  2. Click the plus icon to create a new payment method.

  3. Enter a Payment Method ID.

  4. Select the Active checkbox.

  5. Select Credit Card in the Means of Payment field.

  6. Enter a Description for the new payment method.

  7. Select the Use in AP checkbox.

  8. Select the Use in AR checkbox.

  9. Select the Require Remittance Information for Cash Accounts checkbox.

  10. Go to the Allowed Cash Accounts tab.

    1. Click the (+) sign.

    2. Select a Cash Account.

  11. Go to Settings For Use in the AR tab.

    1. Select the Integrated Processing checkbox.

      1. An error message will appear.

    2. Go to the Processing Centers tab, it should now appear after toggling Integrated Processing.

    3. Select the (+) sign and choose the name of the Processing Center recently created for Braintree.

      1. The error message will go away when a new Processing Center is selected.

  12. Click Save.

  •  Instead of creating new payment methods, existing payment methods can be used.
  •  Ensure the configuration is the same as described above, enable the integrated processing feature and select the Braintree processing center.
  • After adding new payment methods to the Processing Center, you can see which payment methods successfully were linked to the Processing Center by:
  1. Navigating to the Processing Center screen.

  2. Selecting the Braintree Processing Center.

  3. Clicking the Payment Methods tab.