Adding Braintree as a Customer Payment Method

Adding Braintree as a Customer Payment Method

Now that Braintree has been established as a Processing Center with applicable payment methods, payment methods can be added to a customer account. This can be done on the Sales Order or Invoice screen during the execution of a transaction, or it can be added prior to this event.

Note: Assigning a payment method to a customer allows you to test the payment processing functions on both the Braintree merchant site and Acumatica.

Adding Customer Payment Methods

  1. Navigate to the Receivables workspace and click Customer Payment Methods.

  2. Click the (+) sign.

  3. Select a Customer ID.

  4. Select the Braintree Payment Method.

  5. Select the Cash Account associated with the Braintree Payment Method.

  6. Click CREATE NEW button in the Payment Method Details tab.

  7. The Add Payment pop-up will open.

    1. This is a secure hosted form.

  8. Enter the required credit card details.

Enter credit card details here

9. Click on Submit.

10. The pop-up will close automatically and a Token will be stored in the Value field with regards to the Payment Profile ID.