Installing the Braintree Package

Installing the Braintree Package

The first step to adding the Braintree plugin in Acumatica is to run the latest version of the plugin customization package. The customization package was developed based on the Acumatica Extensibility Framework.

Customization Projects Screen

Installation Process

  1. Obtain the latest KBraintree plugin package .zip file and save it to a local drive.  All packages are saved as a .zip file.

  2. Go to the Universal search field.

  3. Enter Customization.

  4. Click Customization Projects.

  5. Click the Import button.

  6. Select the .zip file location.

  7. Click Import.

    1. The .zip file will appear in the Project Name column.

  8. Select the checkbox/row for the name of the *.zip file.

  9. Click the Publish button.

    1. If you want to publish the package for a specific company, click the down arrow on the Publish button.

    2. Select Publish to Multiple Tenants.

      1. The Publish to Multiple Tenants pop-up screen will appear.]

    3. Select the checkbox(es) for the company names for which you want to publish the package.

    4. Click OK.

  10. Click Save.

The Braintree package will be published to the Acumatica instance.

Licensing the Braintree Package

The licensing information must be entered and validated. The License Key will be provided when the product is purchased.

  1. Navigate to the Configuration workspace and select Kensium Braintree License Registration.

    1. The Company ID and Company will automatically fill in the fields for the instance that the plugin is being added.

  2. Select a Title.

  3. Enter the First Name.

  4. Enter the Last Name.

  5. Enter the Email ID.

  6. Enter the Phone Number.

  7. Enter the Fax number.

  8. Enter the Address Line(s).

  9. Enter the City.

  10. Enter the Country.

  11. Enter the State.

  12. Enter the Postal Code.

  13. Enter the License Key.

  14. Toggle on the box to Accept the Terms in the License Agreement.

  15. Click Submit.

Note: The Name, Email ID, and Phone Number should match the name, email, and phone number of the contact who has obtained the license (purchaser, installer, VAR, etc.).

A validation message will appear indicating that the license is now activated. If there is an error message that populates after clicking submit, revalidate the information entered and contact the installer/purchaser/VAR that the license was obtained.

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