Mapping Category Schema

Mapping Category Schema

Category mapping involves the information located in the eCommerce tab of Acumatica that renders with the utilization of an eCommerce connector. To begin, navigate to the Magento Connector workspace in Acumatica and select Categories under the Schema Management section.

  1. Click Refresh Schema.

    • The attributes will refresh successfully with a green checkmark.
  2. Toggle on the Active box next to the attribute that must be mapped.

  3. Click Save.

Next, navigate to the Kensium A-M Connector workspace in Magento and click Category in the Mapping section.

  1. Select a Store View.

  2. Click Update Schema.

  3. Click Map Category Attributes.

  4. Select a Magento Category Attribute.

  5. Select an Acumatica Category Attribute.

  6. Click Save.

Category Attribute Mapping

The relationship between the category attributes will be mapped.