CommercePro Quick Kits

Bypass Acumatica's Kit Assembly screen and assemble kits while speaking to customers or any time on the fly.

New for Acumatica 2021 R1 and Above

Under Quick Kits Assembly Management, when the checkbox for Allow Dynamic Kit Assembly for Quick Kits is checked, all Quick Kit options will be available.

For the options of Create Kit Assembly on Sales Order Update and Create Kit Assembly on Shipment Creation, you will only be able to select one of these options at a time.

Order Type Screen

If you create a new Order Type without selecting the “Override Quick Kits Configuration” checkbox and save this Order Type, then the Sales Order Preference screen “Quick kit Assembly management” configuration will display on the Order Type screen.

If you checked “Override”, then the only available option will be “Allow dynamic kit assembly for quick kit.”


  1. Create a new kit product and the child items.

  2. From Order Type, if “Create Kit Assembly on Sales order Update” is checked, and it’s not allocated, if you create a Sales Order based on the “KK” Order type and provide the line item as a parent kit and save, you will get the default error message.