Syncing Data To and From ChannelAdvisor

Configure Sync Settings

Syncing data between marketplaces and Acumatica is a key benefit of the ChannelAdvisor connector, and this integration works best when data syncs regularly.

The recommended best practice is to set up recurring syncs using Schedulers.

There may be times when it is appropriate to sync data on demand. Instructions for on demand syncs can be found below.

Administrators need to be able to configure sync settings for:

  • Products

  • Orders

  • Shipments

ChannelAdvisor Connector Initialization

The Price and Inventory Sync is unidirectional, syncing data from Acumatica to ChannelAdvisor.

To export price and inventory, you will first need to initialize queues and push notifications.

  1. Click on ChannelAdvisor Connector Initialization in the ChannelAdvisor workspace.

  2. Click the Initialize button.

When the connection is initialized and confirmed, product data and order data are ready to sync between Acumatica and ChannelAdvisor.

Preparing Products for Export

The product sync is unidirectional, with products syncing from Acumatica to ChannelAdvisor.

  • Simple Stock Items in Acumatica map to Products in ChannelAdvisor

  • Configurable products in Acumatica map to Variation products in ChannelAdvisor

  • Kit products in Acumatica map to Bundled products in ChannelAdvisor

There are 2 conditions which must be met to export products.

  1. The stock item must belong to an Item Class that has been previously mapped to a Classification in ChannelAdvisor.

  2. The Active on ChannelAdvisor checkbox must be checked in the eCommerce tab for each stock item to be synced.

The Allowed for FBA checkbox may also be checked for stock items that may be fulfilled by Amazon, but it is not a requirement for product export.

ChannelAdvisor Products Sync

The ChannelAdvisor Products Sync screen is used to sync product data on demand.

Product data syncs using FTP.

The purpose of this is to maintain up-to-date Acumatica data in ChannelAdvisor.

The products in Acumatica will then export to ChannelAdvisor based on the fields defined in Mapping Settings. There are 3 options for syncs in Products Sync.

  1. Custom Sync: The product data from Acumatica will only sync changes that happened within a specified date range.

  2. Delta Sync: Only products with data changes will be synchronized and updated. All other records will be skipped.

  3. Full Sync: All product data will be synced with ChannelAdvisor.

When you are ready to sync product data, in Acumatica, navigate to the ChannelAdvisor workspace and click Products Sync.

  1. Select the type of sync from the drop-down menu.

  2. Toggle the ChannelAdvisor Site on.

  3. Click Process All.

The Product Sync will take place. Depending on the size of inventory and number of products, this may take up to 15min. This time is also based on the message queue threshold created in the Site Configuration. Remember, FTP calls will take longer to synchronize than API calls. It is best practice to establish a schedule to allow syncs to happen in non-working hours.

Products in ChannelAdvisor

On the ChannelAdvisor Merchant Site, go to the Products tab and select Catalog.

  1. Exported simple stock items are listed in the All tab with all other kits and configurable products.

  2. Configurable products are listed under the Variations tab. The parent item will list with all configurable variation relationships beneath.

  3. Kit products are listed under the Bundled tab. These products have a parent item with all child items in the kit listed beneath. The bundle quantity is based on the lowest Qty Total Available of its child items.

ChannelAdvisor Data Exchange

The Data Exchange screen is used to exchange orders and shipment data between Acumatica and ChannelAdvisor.

  1. In Acumatica, navigate to the ChannelAdvisor workspace and click Data Exchange.

  2. Toggle the Action from the dropdown menu.

    1. Orders Import: Imports all order data from ChannelAdvisor to Acumatica, including FBA order data and shipment data

    2. Shipments Export: Exports all FBM shipment data from Acumatica to ChannelAdvisor.

    3. Retrieve Product IDs in ChannelAdvisor: Displays the ChannelAdvisor Product IDs in the Stock Items’ General Settings tab.

      1. It is critical that this sync process in Data Exchange is maintained. ChannelAdvisor Product IDs must be synced with Acumatica items. If ChannelAdvisor Product IDs are not retrieved, orders will not import into Acumatica.

  3. Select Process All.