Pricing Options

The calculation of an option is determined with computational equations called Pricing Options, which incorporate specific variables. In other words, option pricing models provide us an idea of what an option is really worth. Calculating the probability that an option will be exercised is the main goal of option pricing theory.

Setup pricing options

  • Navigate to the Inventory in Acumatica and select Build Your Products.

  • Click the Inventory search, select the required product for which you would like to setup build options.

  • Navigate to Build Options in the sub-menu to configure Options, Option Values and Option Rules.


To support the Flexi price on Build Your Own Products (BYOP), check the box for "Affects Base Price" and "Is Mandatory" so that you can choose whether the Option price is calculated on the Parent's Base price or the resultant of the applied calculation on Options.

Option Values

Option Values refers to the conduct it intends to pursue while applying price based on Attribute Value, Pricing Type, and Price.

  • Attribute Value - A piece of information that defines the characteristics of a field to apply the pricing options such as color, size etc.
  • Pricing Type - This field controls how the pricing should react in different scenarios such as "Fixed Price", "% On Base Price", "Component Price", "% On Component Price".
  • Price - It lets you define the price to apply for the specifics at the time of purchase.

Option Rules

Option Rules allows you to modify and set prices based on conditions applied.