Configuring BYP - Sales Order

When the BYP is added to the Sales Order Screen, the lookup window will be displayed with configured settings and available for adding components or attributes to specify the product.

Alternatively, you can click on any of the BYP products and select the new action button "Configure BYP Product," which will open a lookup window where you can select options and attributes.

  1. When you select an item and click "Configure BYP Product," the smart panel will appear.
  2. Based on options set, customers can select attributes and associated components.
  3. Product rules will be applied to option selection, guiding the user not to select incorrect combinations.
  4. Upon picking the options with attributes or inventory items, the Build Your Product price will be displayed.
  5. Pricing will be determined by smart price configuration, which is defined by Price Type.
  6. When the Configuration is complete, click Add button on the smart panel to save the settings.