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Configure Acumatica Endpoints in B2B App

  1. In B2B Admin App, navigate to the Acumatica Configurations and click Acumatica Endpoints URLs
  2. The app navigates to Acumatica Configurations screen, where all Acumatica endpoint URLs are listed as grid.
  3. Click the more icon to Add New / Restore to default / Edit / Remove

  • Restore Default: This option returns the end point URL to its default value (which is saved as the acu_endpoint_urls or default_endpoint_url column).
  • Edit: Redirects to the form which allows the user to change the service record.
  • Remove: Only custom services can be deleted. When you click Remove, you will be asked for confirmation to remove and delete the record.
  • Add New: The Add New button will take you to a form with the following fields.
    • Service ID
    • Service Label
    • Endpoint URL