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Queues Management

Queues management in B2B App will lower end-user wait times, improves operational efficiency, improves service delivery, and streamlines the queue process.

  1. In B2B Admin App, navigate to Acumatica Configurations and click Queue Configuration.
  2. The application navigates to Queue Configuration screen with an option to enable/disable the queues specific to an entity and triggers/calls associated with the queue.

The "Queue Configuration" is primarily intended for calls made from B2BApp to Acumatica; it is not intended for calls made from Acumatica to B2BApp.

All calls from B2BApp to Acumatica are automatically floated through queues, but no information will be shown on the screen.

The records can be synced in "Real time," "Batch Process," or by schedulers (i.e., all types of records syncing are processed through queues management).

The number of records awaiting sync will be displayed in the 'Pending Queues' column.

If the record contains all of the required information, it will be synced to the appropriate screen in the B2BApp within 5 minutes.
When we click the hyperlink / count of records, the app redirects to the 'Pending Jobs' screen.

The number of records that failed to sync will be displayed in the 'Failed Queues' column. When you click the hyperlink or count of records in this column, we are taken to the 'Failed Jobs' screen, as shown below.