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A quote is a document outlining the terms and conditions under which a supplier would sell products or services to a buyer for a given price. It is also known as sales quotes, or sales quotations, are used to inform prospective customers about the price of products or services before they commit to the purchase.

A quote is intended to assist businesses from changing expenses. This necessitates a B2B App to integrate with Acumatica. With B2B App, edit, manage and synchronize 'Quotes' from Acumatica to B2B App and vice-versa.

Acumatica generates quotes as Sales Orders with the code "QT."

1. Navigate to the Acumatica Menu, select Sales Order and click Quote.

2. Search for the Quote with Quote ID/Customer ID/Status and choose the Quote from the search results and make required changes if any, further, the revised details will be synced with B2B App. 

Create or edit Quote

3. Quotes with Open status will have a COPY ORDER action button in the header menu to copy the quote as Sales Order and process further by taking required actions.

Copy Quote as Sales Order

Process Quote