AMEX Extend Initial Setup

In order to use the AMEX Extend package within Acumatica, you first need to create an account with Extend. Then, you can publish and configure the package in Acumatica.

Create Your Extend Account

  1. Before installing the AMEX Extend package in Acumatica, create an account with Extend - Virtual Credit Cards for Businesses, Banks and Software Platforms | Extend

                                          Create an account with Extend

2. Enter the credit card details for your AMEX business credit card.


Enter your AMEX card details

3. Your card will appear in the Extend dashboard and can now be used to create virtual cards.

                                                                  Extend portal dashboard showing active cards

Publish in Acumatica

After creating your account with Extend, you can install and configure the AMEX Extend package in Acumatica.

  1. In Acumatica, navigate to More Items > Customization > Profiles > Customization Projects.

  2. Click Import, then select the AMEX Package from your local hard drive and click upload.

  3. Locate the AmEx Package in the list of installed customizations and select the check box.

  4. Click Publish. After publishing, the check box in the Published column will now be filled. This confirms the package is published to your Acumatica instance.